Archos 5 Internet Tablet Review

The word tablet has become a popular buzzword in the last few months. Google’s Android OS is also very popular at this time. It is a great mobile operating systems for the internet on phones and other mobile devices. The people at Archos have come up with a very nice line of internet tablets that are powered by the Android operating system. So, right away, this tablet is already going to support a huge number of applications that have already been developed for the Andoid platform.

Archos 5 Internet Tablet Review
Archos 5 Internet Tablet Review

Besides being an internet tablet, the Archos is also a media player. It can give you capabilities that allow you to do web browsing with some flash capabilities, access to your music and videos. It has built in GPS and Bluetooth technologies including Wireless-B, Wireless-G, and Wireless-N. It has a built in FM radio transmitter and receiver that gives you the ability to stream your music from the tablet to any car’s stereo, as well as listen to FM radio on the tablet itself.

The Archos has an impressive design, not to mention a beautiful screen. The Archos 5 has a 4.8 inch touch screen which means it has an 800 by 480 resolution. That is an extremely high resolution for such a small screen. There is also support for HD video formats, so you can actually put an H.264 media file inside and it will still be able to play it. The Archos has a ten hour battery life for playing audio, and about four hours of battery life for watching video. All this brought to you by the latest ARM Cortex Superscalar processor inside the Archos.

The 32GB flash version of the Archos 5 is thinner, smaller, and lighter than its counterpart which is the 160GB hard drive version which is about twice as thick. So if you’re going for something that’s thinner and lighter and are willing to sacrifice space, then the flash version is for you. If you’re looking for a lot more storage and are willing to carry something a bit bigger then hard drive version is for you.

If you are familiar with the Android operating system, then you will have no trouble adapting to the Archos 5. And even if you aren’t, Android is still very simple to use and learn. The home screen of the Archos allows you to get to everything you need right from there. You can get to your various media or games, photos, music, or video, right at the bottom. There is also a list of icons that represent your favorite applications right on the home screen. You can, of course, install your own applications by going to the Android application store. There is also the ability to install widgets such as for stock tickers, weather information, calendar, etc. When you swipe across the screen to the other screens, one of them gives you access to Google Search, which is also another widget. You can arrange your videos in any way you want away from the home screen. When you pull out the tray, you get access to the rest of your settings and applications. There are many applications that already come preinstalled on the Archos 5. These include, Wikipedia, GPS, Dailymotion, Moov, Yellowbook, eBuddy, Deezer, etc.

Because of the high resolution, the web browser is also very high quality in appearance. Navigating web pages is a snap process and all the pages appear just as they would if you were using your laptop or desktop so you will rarely ever need to have to zoom in and out to read things like you would on other mobile devices on the market. Internet access is brought to you via the ability to hop on to a WiFi network, or the ability to tether onto any 3G phone via the Bluetooth radio.

The top of the device features a power button and a volume rocker. The bottom features a pair of dock connectors that can be connected to a DVR dock. This allows the Archos 5 to record your entire favorite programming which are stored on the Archos’ hard drive. There is also an SD slot for supplementing your own storage. On the left hand side of the Archos you will find a headphone jack and micro USB port for charging and synchronizing your data.

If you can get over the fingerprint magnet effect on the material around the Archos 5, then you can enjoy a tablet device that is similar or better than the Apple iPad competitor.