Best iPod Speakers Under $100

iPod speaker systems have come a long way recently as far as sound quality and size. I listen to music constantly and I always want the latest in lightweight small speaker systems for my iPod. iPod speakers make great gifts for college students, high school students, and even homeowners. This article will take a look at 4 of the best iPod speaker systems for under $100, what makes them good, where to get them, and price.

Best iPod Speakers Under $100
Best iPod Speakers Under $100

1. Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 (iPod/iPhone version) Portable speakers with digital player dock

These iPod speakers by Logitech are the ultimate in portable speaker systems. The sound is amazingly clear and the bass goes unexpectedly deep for a great sound for any style of music. These iPod speakers also feature a built in rechargeable battery for true portability and convenience. I have used speaker systems in the past that did not have rechargeable batteries which made them highly inconvenient. These speakers sound like they would be producing sound from a much bigger set up; they also charge the iPod while in use. This iPod speaker system can be found at for around $79.

2. Griffin Amplifi Speaker sys with digital player dock

These speakers are just slightly over the $100 mark; however they are included on this list because of their amazingly simple set up and sound quality. The sound that this system produces sounds more expensive than it actually is; the sound is crystal clear and commanding. This speaker system is sure to get any college dorm room party started without breaking the bank. The Griffin speaker system listed here can be purchased at for around $108.

3. Kensington SX 3000R Speakers with FM Radio for iPod Portable speakers with digital player dock

These speakers for the iPod are an incredible deal for the price of $62.99 from These speakers produce a full sound that is sure to delight from this tiny system; the only part was that lacking was the bass was not very powerful but it did the job. The speaker system also has a built in FM radio player as well as a portable remote control. This product also charges the iPod when not in use so that you never run out of battery.

4. Altec Lansing inMotion IM11 Portable speakers

I owned a set of these Altec portable speakers for my iPod; they delivered unsurpassed sound quality and range for the price and size. I was not expecting much when I purchased these speakers; however when I took them out of the box and cranked up the sound I was pleasantly surprised. I used these speakers for many nights at college until they finally were damaged and broken from being stepped on. The dock and back stand for these speakers fold up neatly which makes these speakers ultra portable and small. This is the perfect system for a small dorm room or bedroom. This speaker system is portable via 4 AA batteries, and is perfect for almost any outing. This iPod speaker system is available at for $49.44.