How to Stop Your Laptop from Going into Standby When the Lid is Closed

A common default feature in many laptops is the “standby” mode, which is activated when the computer isn’t accessed for a certain period of time or when the lid of the laptop is closed. This can be a very helpful feature for laptop users, as it prevents the batteries of the computer from being drained unnecessarily during long periods in which the device isn’t being used, but for those of us who have gotten into the habit of occasionally shutting our notebooks when moving them or to get a better look at an object across the room, it’s nice to be able to disable the feature. Luckily, it’s not too hard to do.

How to Stop Your Laptop from Going into Standby When the Lid is Closed

How to Stop Your Laptop from Going into Standby When the Lid is Closed

Here’s a quick guide to stopping your laptop from going into standby or hibernate mode every time you close its lid, using tools in Windows XP.

1. Go to your computer’s Control Panel. Hit your start button, then the control panel, which allows you to change settings. Click on the “Performance and Maintenance” area. If you’re using the Classic view of the Control Panel, you can click “Switch to Category view” on the left side of your screen to see the “Performance and Maintenance” icon.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the new screen. It just shows a bunch of shortcuts that you don’t want–you want to click on the “Power Options” choice at the very bottom.

3. Hit “Advanced.” Here you’ll find the options you were looking for. You can change the computer’s defaults to “do nothing” to avoid having the screen shut off when the lid is shut, or if you want the computer to power down when the lid’s shut, there’s an option for that, too. You can also save other power settings from this screen as well. When you’re done, hit “Apply” or “OK”. Your computer is now done annoying the hell out of you, and you can freely shut the screen without waiting for the computer to turn back on when you open it again. The screen will still shut off when the lid is closed.

It’s worth mentioning that your laptop’s battery life will be substantially decreased if it never sleeps during periods of unuse, so if you intend on keeping the new setting, be sure to put the computer into sleep mode when you don’t intend to use it.

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