What to Look for in a Gaming Computer

To a gaming geek like me, a computer means nothing. However, a gaming computer is a completely different story. To be considered a good gaming machine, a computer has to be able to handle detailed graphics and have high processing capacity. Whether or not you are good at gaming, you can ultimately only play as good as your computer. Thus, a computer with high speed a CPU, a lot of memory (RAM), a high end graphics card, numerous USB ports, and excellent audio software is the ultimate dream gaming machine for any person.

What to Look for in a Gaming Computer
What to Look for in a Gaming Computer

The consumer doesn’t care if the computer comes with dual core or quad core processor; the point is that it must be able to process information in split seconds.

As for memory, or RAM, the principle is the larger, the better. Larger memory provides you with faster access to data in your computer, and quicker load times for all websites.

To have a better gaming experience, the computer must be equipped with a high end graphics card, since the graphics card determines what quality you can set your game to play at. Additionally, graphics cards are constantly being upgraded, so even if you’ve already purchased your computer, you can always substitute your existing card with a better, and more advanced one.

In a gaming computer, unlike family, office, or personal computers, the tower often comes with innovative designs and bright lights, to give it that sleek look. Design is not everything though, it is essential that the tower comes with at least the amount of USB and/or FireWire ports you will be needing for your gaming accessories.

To be considered a gaming machine, the audio system has to be clear enough to enjoy the full effects of an action game, and high definition speakers or headphones are important to every aspect of your gaming experience. For example, in multiplayer shooter games, a good sound setup will allow you to hear the enemy coming before you even see them!

Overall, you may be concerned with paying so much just to keep your computer on top of the competition. Rest assured, prices for gaming computers are extremely competitive these days, as there are numerous brands in the computer business. This fierce competition is good news for us consumers, since we will end up getting lower and lower prices. Computer users who are experienced in buying computers can also save a few hundred dollars by buying each part separately and putting it into their own empty tower. Most consumers cannot do this, so we depend on the stores with giving us a fair price. Destroying the competition is easy, but sometimes, it will come at a price!